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about "US, THE KURDS"

"I no longer follow the news, I don’t read ,write, watch or listen to anything about “US, THE KURDS”
Because am so sick of history repeating itself over and over and OVER again! So sick that am getting motion sickness.

-Am so disgusted of the injustice and seeing innocent people suffer because of “someone’s ego being feed up”
Hey little man, didnt you have enough already?

We know you have childhood issues and you were deprived, but why on earth would you traumatize those kids?

-No, I can’t take protests, useless petitions, prayers and “am so sorry, my mind, heart and soul is with you and your people”

-And the hashtag battle. #savethe?
Save what? Is there anything left to be saved?
Keep your hashtags for yourselves and dont rub it on our faces just to prove that you truly care because we all know that deep down you dont give a damn!

-What kind of a curse is it to be a kurd?
What did we do wrong to deserve this?
Why on earth history likes to prove its point every damn day?

I no longer dream because its a nightmare disguised as another nightmare.

publication: Name: Lava Omer Darwesh The date of the piece is October 11th Location: Sulaymaniyah, Kurdistan, Iraq."



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