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the cat was quiet until morning



Soloshow Ivonne Dippmann

Rainbow Unicorn Gallery
Thursday 27 April 19h
Performance by ReimersdahlDippmann
All the world doesn’t spin - around you

Vinyl by PAMPIG

28 April - 28 May 17

We are pleased to present an exhibition by Ivonne Dippmann for Berlin Gallery Weekend 2017. Feel cordially invited to join the opening reception on Thursday 27 April.

Ivonne Dippmann's work is multilayered, full of vibrant energy, experiment and technical precision.

Her new installation is a monumental, rotating machine which dominates the space. A diptych is set up by two square frames made of steel, both parts are interconnected by bars. This metal frame is covered with colourful woolen threads, evoking a delicate drawing. Radiating from the rotor planes it unfolds itself into the open space where it forms a compact volume, a light and permeable body which ties together the two counterparts. The construction is slowly rotated by an engine. While moving, the threads overlap, resulting in manifold interferences and op-art patterns. The rotation is controlled by an algorithm which slows it down, stops it, or suddenly changes the direction – the machine seems to have it's own mind.

by Ivonne Dippmann

Trickling metal chips inside the steel bars recall the soft drizzle of rain. It is the sound of an electrostatic field which erratically rotates around its axis. Until the moving shadows at the wall and the gently whispering steel unfurl a story. Like the one of the cat which was quiet until morning and at the crack of dawn is ready for the leap.


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