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Yaakov and Mariya Shapirshteyn
Married on July 6, 1949

What is the secret to love? A secret is a secret, and I don’t reveal my secrets.

Aus: The Lovers · Schilt Publishing · ISBN  9789053308363 ·Format 23 x 17 cm · 160 pages with 76 images in full colour ·40 Euro

The Lovers is a photographic series of couples that have shared their lives for more than 50 years. Inspired by a love letter written by Lauren Fleishman's grandfather to her grandmother early in their marriage, Lauren was moved to find more intertwined souls like theirs. Through colour photographs, voice recordings and text, she documented the stories of intimacy and commitment of elderly couples across the United States and Europe.   Working on her project in the very intimate settings of her subjects’ homes, each couple’s photograph and interview bring an honest tender portrait of love, intimate to that couple yet relatable to those in love across all ages and backgrounds. She has even photographed the couple holding the title of longest married in the world. Couples from different backgrounds provide a look at the realities of love: how the previous generation experienced it, survived it, and, more importantly, how it appears in their lives. The body politics of the project become especially clear when gay and lesbian couples or couples with ill spouses are considered. In this respect, Fleishman’s pictures play a central role in addressing homophobia and increasing awareness of age-related issues.  

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