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To walk in the dream of anticipation,
Behold the glow of desire.
The cathedral of my life ,
Whose flying buttresses   
Strain to uphold the carcass of this soul,
Whose cavernous nave still aches
To be filled with the great chorale of experience.
Yet the drift of damage,
Is bulldozed and piled in mounds,
Tombs and sarcophagi  
Of a once, fine ambition.
Cracks appear in the ceiling
And tiny grains of failure
Float down  
A soft dust, coating life
in grey- white powder.
Until, it shrouds the blemishes
And praises mediocrity,
Making it seem plausible,
Acceptable even.
The wounds just fester
No one is fooled
A fog of smug self -endorsement
Periodically appears.
It soothes the ego
But poisons the mind,
Rendering it complacent,
Unproductive and useless.
This cathedral,
On whose altar I sacrificed
Other things,
Quieter, nurturing.
Normal, everyday things,
Sparks, now
extinguished by fate,
Never to ignite and take hold
Of the kindling.
Never to build a strong flame
That would burn for a lifetime.

Bilder, Illustrationen, ... des Tages, zusammengestellt von Kathrin Schadt.

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